1st Ever Granite Capital Classic Coming up at the End of the Month

March 10, 2014

A new tournament, the first of its kind near the Elberton city limits, is coming to McWilliams Park on the final weekend of March.

Disc Golf is a sport that is rapidly gaining popularity in northeast Georgia and the fever has made its way to Elberton.

Coming up on Saturday, March 29th will be the first day of the Inaugural Granite Capital Classic.

The tournament will span two days at two different courses, on the first day two rounds will be played at Lake Russell State Park, and then on the following day, two more rounds will be played at the course at McWilliams Park.

Assistant Tournament Director Jim Corder explains why this tournament was organized.

“Its for us to get some exposure at the park for the new course, and also to give the local people a bit of a chance to come watch some really good professional players”, explained Corder. “Just to give the people of Elbert County a little something different.”

He explains that for this tournament there will be a couple of different age groups and divisions for the players.

“We have an open/professional division which is guys 39 & under, so it’s usually a lot of the young guys who can throw it a mile”, said Corder. “We’ve got the age protected division 40 & over. We will have roughly forty professional players in attendance, and then the rest will be amateur players.”

For this event, Corder says they are expecting a total of one hundred players plus their friends and family to visit Elberton and the Lake Russell area.

If you are interested in participating in the tournament, you can sign up by visiting the Professional Disc Golf Association’s website at www.pdga.com.

Corder also mentioned that they are still looking for hole sponsors and other various types of sponsorship.

For more information about the tournament, or to contribute sponsorship, you can contact Jim Corder at (706) 246-5522.