214th Getting Ready to Depart, Final Weekend at Home

February 22, 2013

This is the final weekend at home for the 214th Artillery before they head out for a nine to twelve month deployment in Afghanistan.

The Granite Battalion, as they are known, was honored this same day last week with a send off ceremony on Elberton’s Downtown Square.

Several speakers were in attendance at that ceremony, including Elbert County’s own State Representative Tom McCall (R-33).

During the ceremony, McCall said that troops from all over the state make up the battalion.

“This battalion consists of heroes from Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia to Fort Stewart, from Cario to Clayton, and from Bowman to Fortsonia”, said Rep. McCall. “We appreciate everything that ya’ll do.”

Battalion Commander LTC David Casey shared his thoughts towards the end of the ceremony.

“The time has now come, and the day is now upon us”, said LTC Casey. “We are at the line of departure. As our battalion motto so clearly states, We Hear and Strike, granite six out.”

Despite the United States’ effort to reduce troop numbers in the region, units are still being deployed to the area.

Following the ceremony on Friday, Georgia National Guard Commander Major General Jim Butterworth, said to remember those who are still apart of the fight.

“As we draw down there are still families who have spouses, wives, sons, daughters, and husbands who are deployed in the war fight, and we have to remember them”, said Butterworth.

The 214th will depart this coming Tuesday to head to Louisiana before departing for their nine to twelve month deployment in Afghanistan.