2nd Annual Friends Helping Friends Raises Over $10K

April 23, 2013

Another Successful night for the annual Friends Helping Friends Pageant was held Saturday.

Sponsor Sandy Adams tells us approximately how many attended as well as the other events that were being held that night.

“The pageant went extremely well, we were just thrilled that over eight hundred people that attended and that is a conservative estimate”, said Adams.

Many special and surprising events were held that night.

Sydney Vickery, UGA football player Ray Andrews made surprising appearances.

Also a video in honor of Rebekah Curlee was presented in honor of her inspiring FHF to start doing Pageants.

Over 10,000 dollars were raised with the help of the community, friends and family.

Sandy expresses her gratitude and appreciation.

“Crystal Thomas and I were pageant coordinators, and we wanted to thank everyone who helped provide this opportunity for all our extra special students”, said Adams. “We were just overwhelmed by the amazing generosity from the community, and God bless everybody for blessing our babies.”

This year’s pageant raised over three thousand dollars more than last year’s pageant, which brought in seven thousand dollars.