4-H BB Team has a Successful Fundraiser

June 12, 2013

A solid fundraiser for the Elbert County 4-H BB Team is in the books as the team prepares to make a trip to the national competition coming up at the end of the month.

According to BB Team Coach Rock Evans, the group brought in roughly two thousand dollars this weekend.

He said how grateful he is to the Elbert County community for the support they have shown them.

“Thank you to the community, you know Elbert County is a great place. We can’t thank this community enough for the support they have already given us hopefully we can just get a little bit more to reach our goal. There some out there that we plan on talking with and again just a big Thank you to everyone that supported us so far that brought cakes and pies donated their time. We had people just come by wanting to help to do this we really thanked and are blessed to have friends like that in this community.” says Evans.

Evans did mention that they are still about $2,500 – $3,000 short of what they need to help make the trip.

He says that they are looking at other possible fundraising ideas before the end of the month.

“ Actually thought about having a peanut sale, have the kids out there in uniform. We just got to get back, regroup our time is running short. So I feel sure of a peanut sale somewhere in the picture.” Says Evans

Monetary donations are still being accepted for the team’s trip to Rogers, Arkansas for the national competition.

For more information about the team’s upcoming competition, or to make donations, you can contact Rock Evans at (706) 319-6464.