4-H Offices Move to a New Facility

May 15, 2013

The Elbert County Cooperative Extension offices will be moving to a new location this summer.

The recently shut down Beaverdam Elementary school will be the site for the new offices for the Extension.

County Administrator Bob Thomas said the offices at their current location are no longer sufficient.

“We are experiencing some repair problems in the current office that we have at out 4-H Center. We’ve got some leaks with our roof and the offices are beginning to show some wear and tear”, says Thomas. “And now that we have a full staff we’re running into space problems with those offices over there.”

He says that the offices offer more space and are in better shape at the old school, and that the Extension could utilize a few classrooms for after school programs.

Thomas did say that the current location will still be maintained and used.

“ I just want to make clear the understanding that we are not going to abandon that facility over there because it’s near and dear to a lot of people in this community a lot of people actually helped build part of that facility over there”, says Thomas.

It was estimated that it would have cost between sixty and seventy thousand dollars to renovate the offices at the current location.

Right now it is looking like a potential June 1st move date to the Beaverdam School building.