4th Annual Dutchy Awards Take Place Tomorrow Evening

January 4, 2013

Tomorrow evening the 4th Annual Dutchy Awards presentation will be held at the Elbert Theatre.

Elbert Theatre Director Toni King says the Dutchys are a way to give theatre volunteers their proper due.

“We have so many wonderful volunteers at the theatre, any thing that is done at the theatre is done by volunteers”, said King, “they were not being recognized for all of their time and hard work put in at the theatre, and we really wanted a way to do that.”

Some of the award categories include Favorite Actor, Favorite Actress, and Crowd Favorite; but King says that there are plenty of awards to hand out.

“We have things like Volunteer of the Year, Standout Contributer, and Child Performer of the Year”, said King. “All the awards are important in their own categories, so no award carries more weight than another.”

There is no cost to attend the awards show, King said it’s the theatre’s way to show gratitude to the community for their support.

“This is our way of saying thank you to everyone who was involved over the past year, so there is no cost to attend, the awards show is totally free and we will have light refreshments for everybody”, said King.

The Dutchys get started at 6:00pm at the Elbert Theatre on Saturday, January 5th. The show will emceed by Mark Gaffney.