9/11 Ceremony Takes Place Tomorrow on Elberton’s Square

September 10, 2012

Tomorrow marks the 11th Anniversary of the tragic events that took place in New York, Washington, DC, and in an empty field in Pennsylvania.

At 12:30pm tomorrow, people will gather on Elberton’s Downtown Square to remember those who lost and gave their lives on 9/11. Elberton Main Street Director Sissy Herring says it will be a great day for remembrance.

“It’s gonna be a great day. Karen Hardy will be our Mistress of Ceremonies, Mayor Guest will be there to welcome everyone. Several local residents will sing for everyone in attendance. Wes Privett will do our closing prayer, and Gary Purvis will lead us in the community sing along with Give Us Hope”, said Herring.

The event will conclude at 1:00pm tomorrow, and if you can’t make it to the square, you can listen to the entire ceremony on 105.3 WSGC.