9/11 Ceremony Takes Place Tomorrow

September 10, 2013

Tomorrow marks the twelfth anniversary of the tragic events that occurred on September 11th.

Taking place on Elberton’s Downtown Square tomorrow will be a special ceremony to honor and remember those who lost their lives on that fateful day.

Elbert Theatre Director Toni King says the ceremony is being presented through a collaborative effort.

“The Elbert Theatre, MainStreet Elberton, and Chamber of Commerce are working together to put this ceremony together”, said King. “It is a very touching ceremony and the point is to remember those who we lost on that day, and that we should treat each other well.”

The ceremony will last roughly a half an hour, but King says that a lot takes place in that short time frame.

“We have people come sing patriotic songs, we will have the ECMS chorus come sing a few songs, and we also have a few guest speakers who will speak during the ceremony as well”, said King.

The ceremony begins at 12:30pm on the square; all members of the Elbert County community are encouraged to attend.

If you can’t make the ceremony, you can hear it in its entirety on the radio, as 105.3 WSGC will be broadcasting the event as a public service.