9th Congressional District Rep. Doug Collins Kicks off Work Week in Elberton

January 29, 2013

Rep. Collins gets a trim at Doug’s Barber shop.

United States Congressman Doug Collins of Georgia’s 9th Congressional District stopped in Elberton yesterday afternoon for the first day of his first full district work week.

During his visit Collins met with local community leaders, and took time to visit a few of Elberton’s local businesses.

Collins discussed several major issues that have surfaced in our country. Some of which ranged from gun control, debt, immigration, and the tax code.

In reference to overhauling the current tax code, Collins feels that the Fair Tax Legislation that he is a co-sponsor of is a step in the right direction.

“I believe that the fair tax is the best way to move forward with that”, stated Collins. “It does away with the IRS, and gets back to consumption based taxation, and does away with the hidden taxes that you have now.

Collins stated that he feels that conservative values best for our country, but said that the message isn’t being properly conveyed to the people. He says that its part of his job to better relay that message.

“I use the Star Trek analogy. You can’t have all Spock and you can’t have all Kirk”, said Collins. “You have to have the analytical reasoning of Spock, and you have to have the heart and passion of Kirk. My job, I believe, is to combine those to and explain what good conservative values mean to you.”

Rep. Collins drops by Trendy Retail during his tour on the square.

Before leaving, Collins took a walk around Elberton’s downtown square, and visited with a few local business owners.

He says visiting towns like Elberton remind him of why he decided to run for office early last year.

“Just coming to Elberton and visiting the barber shop, and seeing a young business owner is just special”, said Collins. “This is why I ran, I love people, and this is what is special to me.”

Next stop for Collins during his work week will be in Royston, GA. There, Collins will give a Washington update at a joint event hosted by the Franklin County Rotary Club and the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce.