A Fundraiser to be Held Tommorow for Elbert County Fire Fighter

October 18, 2013

A fundraiser for Elbert County Fire Fighter Justin Hobbs takes place tomorrow.

The purpose of the fundraiser is to help the Hobbs family with the medical costs incurred from their daughter’s time spent in the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, GA.

A trailer will be raffled off and a hot dog bag lunch will be held on this Saturday.

Raffle tickets for the trailer will be ten dollars, and only four hundred tickets will be sold; the tickets for those wanting a hot dog lunch will be five dollars, and included in the cost is two hot dogs, slaw, bag of chips, desert, and a drink.

Pick up for the bag lunches will begin at 11:30am tomorrow morning at the Elbert County EMS Headquarters building, the drawing for the trailer will be held right at 1:00pm.

Advance raffle and hot dog lunch tickets can be purchased from any volunteer fire fighter or by calling Elbert County EMS at (706) 283-2003 or by contacting Elbert County Fire Chief Rick Mewborne at (706) 283-4256.