A Nice Surprise for Bomwan City Employees Heading into Christmas Time

December 17, 2013

It seems that Christmas is coming early for the City of Bowman’s employees.

At an extremely short called meeting held yesterday afternoon at city hall.

The Bowman City Council approved a motion that would more than double what the city’s employees typically receive each year for their respective bonuses.

Bowman Mayor Pamela Johnson said it was a simple gesture the city could show their employees for all of their hard work.

She says the city is able to do this through a very good financial year.

“It’s a little bit more, and we are showing a bonus year, in at least the four years I have been mayor”, said Johnson. “Our net income is expected to come in close to one hundred thousand dollars this year.”

Typically each year, full time employees receive a two hundred dollar bonus and part time employees receive a one hundred dollar bonus.

However, this year, full time employees will receive a five hundred dollar bonus, while part time employees are looking at a two hundred and fifty dollar bonus.