A Successful Candlelight Shop Night Despite Horrible Weather

December 2, 2013

We are just under a week removed from Main Street Elberton’s annual Candlelight Shopping Event.

Taking place last Tuesday, the event was plagued with cold, rainy weather, which is the opposite of what the organizers of the event were hoping for.

However, despite the weather, Director of Community Affairs for the City of Elberton Tiffany Gibbons said there was a great turnout on hand.

“Very pleasantly surprised with the turnout; I was thinking we were only going to have a handful of people come out and register for the five hundred dollars”, said Gibbons. “Though I am thinking that enticed a lot of people to come out, and I guess we had well over a hundred people come in and turn in receipts.”

Already looking ahead to next year, and hopefully to some better weather, Gibbons talks about what changes, if any, candlelight shoppers can expect to see.

“We will definitely do the Christmas Cash this year, as we had a huge response despite the weather. It was great, so we will definitely plan on doing that again, that way more people know about it and it will get bigger and better next year”, said Gibbons.

The first ever winner of Main Street Elberton’s 12 Days of Christmas Cash contest was Dowanda Hall.