Advertising Policy for Elbert County School System Tabled for 30 Days

April 24, 2014

A re-worked advertising policy has been tabled by the Elbert County Board of Education after Monday’s regular meeting of the school board.

According to Elbert County School Superintendent Chuck Bell, school systems normally have policies in place regarding what kind of advertising is and isn’t allowed on school properties.

The policy was originally presented during the school board’s work session, and the input from the board members was that the policy needed to be tweaked.

“We needed to continue to look at the wording, because we didn’t want to be in a situation where something of community interest may be forbidden from being shared at school”, said Bell.

Some examples that Bell mentioned were things like blood drives, boy scouts, Relay for Life, and the National Cancer Society.

Bell says the re-worked policy will not prohibit those types of events and organizations from in school advertising.

“We adjusted it and said that advertisings materials of a commercial, political, or non-educational nature which do not serve a legitimate school or community interest will not be displayed or distributed”, said Bell. “We made sure that if something does have a legitimate school or community interest, that it still has a place in our schools.”

The previous policy would not have allowed any outside groups, organizations, agencies, or individuals to advertise.

The policy has been tabled for thirty days, and is expected to be voted on during the school board’s regular meeting in May.