All Areas of Richard B. Russell State Park Re-Opened

August 7, 2013

8-7-2013 Richard B. Russell ParkEverything is a go at Richard B. Russell State Park.

Before now, heavy rains had caused the lakes on the Savannah River to be over their respective full pool levels, but as the US Army Corps of Engineers have continuously been releasing water, the lakes are only just a hair above normal levels.

Due to the high water levels a few weeks ago, Russell Park officials closed the beach swimming area and one park boat ramp.

Park Official Mark Millard said once the waters receded, they noticed the damage wasn’t as bad as they were expecting at the beach area.

“We lost an awful lot of sand, we have a very thin layer of beach sand right, but it is definitely useable for the rest of the season”, said Millard. “What we plan on doing is replacing the beach in the spring of next year. We just thought this close to the end of the season; it wasn’t worth our while to add new sand that would just be lost in the winter months.”

He said they also had to repair all of their docks that were located on the lake inside the state park.

According to Millard, everything is fully operational at the park, including the beach area.

Admission into Richard B. Russell State Park is five dollars per vehicle, and the admission fee is good for the entire day.