All but One Phase Two Project Approved by EC School Board

October 23, 2013

The Elbert County School Board is moving forward with all phases of the Phase Two renovation project at the Elbert County Comprehensive High School, say for one project.

That project is a new field house at the high school.

Originally the construction of a new field house had a cost allowance of roughly 1.4 million dollars, but in an effort to cut costs, the Elbert County School Board has reduced that allowance down to $928,922 for the project.

To do that, the Parrish Construction Group has proposed constructing a building between six and seven thousand square feet, down from the initially estimated eight thousand plus square feet.

Charlie Griffus with Parrish Construction said they are scrapping the idea of the new field house being a metal building.

“The thing I can definitely talk about is how we are going to build it. It will no longer be a metal building. It will be a load bearing masonry structure with wood truces”, said Griffus. “We have to have masonry, you can’t build a field house without block walls, and with that being the case lets go that route, and we will put on a metal roof. It is going to be a fantastic facility.”

Before the school board can approve the construction of the proposed field house, they have requested to see floor plans of the building.

Elbert County School Superintendent Chuck Bell is hopeful a decision can be made before the school board’s November work session on November 11th.

“I would be hopeful that would be the latest at which we would be looking at approval of that portion of the project”, said Bell. “As Mr. Baker shared we would love to have the opportunity to come back in a called meeting and revisit this project.”

The portions of the Phase Two renovation project that were approved unanimously on Monday include the Administration Section of the high school, the Band/Multi-Purpose Room, and the Front Parking Lot area.