An Interesting Way to Prevent Chickens from Getting Sick

December 10, 2012

With the flu season here, many people focus on how to prevent getting sick themselves, but Poultry Producer Andy Schneider says that poultry owners may not be aware of ways to prevent their animals from getting sick.

Schneider says they really want to educate the small time chicken owner of ways to prevent disease.

“I think a big part of the education is really teaching these folks how they can keep their flock safe and where the risks are”, said Schneider. “Some of the larger farms may understand that, but trying to reach the soccer mom who may have ten chickens in her back yard is the tough part. So we are really trying to educate them.”

He says that even a trip to the local feed store could have an impact on the well being of even the smallest chicken populations.

“When you go to the feed store, there are several other chicken owners who may have been there. You can pick up something on your shoes by walking, there is no way of knowing what you can bring back to your farm”, said Schneider.

One piece of advice, he says, is to keep just one pair of shoes that are dedicated for work with your flock.