Animal Control Ordinance Changes Placed on First Reading

June 13, 2014

A change is coming to Chapter 10 of the Elbert County Ordinance.

Chapter 10 deals solely with animals according to Elbert County Code Enforcement Officer Patrick Hopp.

The updated ordinance sets forth more stipulations and adds in definitions relating mostly to dogs, such as what is defined as a guard dog, a vicious dog, and outlines of what a tethering system should consist of.

“We want to make sure the tether system is made by something that can not be chewed, we want the system to not be more than five percent of the weight of the dog”, said Hopp. “We have gone out to places and found dogs on logging chains, where the links were 3-4 inches long, which is overkill.”

Another issue being addressed in the amended ordinance is a clearly defined amount of space allowed per dog kept in a kennel, which will be set at a minimum of 50 square feet per dog.

“Because we have gone into situation where there are four or five dogs in a 10X10 pen. There is no way you can keep the pen clean, and there is not adequate space for the dog, it’s not fair for the animal”, explained Hopp.

The ordinance was placed on first reading earlier this week during the commission’s regular meeting.

The second reading and approval of the ordinance is expected to occur during the commission’s regular meeting in July.