AnMed Health Speaks at Elberton Rotary Club Meeting

November 15, 2012

Members of AnMed Health, which is based out of Anderson, South Carolina, were the featured guests during the regular meeting of the Elberton Rotary Club on Tuesday.

Garrick Chidester, who is AnMed’s VP of Network Operation and Business Development, was the keynote speaker during the meeting. Chidester talked about how AnMed is trying to grow, and how Elbert County was a good fit for what they were going for.

“We all know we need to get bigger. We need to get stronger, we need to have more depth, and we need to have buying power; that’s what drives hospitals to form relationships with other providers”, said Chidester. “Having a mix of culture is very important. Just signing up with someone bigger isn’t going to make things work better. You have got to have that culture to make it work, and we found that right away in dealing with all the people at Elbert Memorial.”

Currently, AnMed Health and Elbert Memorial Hospital are working on becoming affiliated. Chidester said that AnMed Health hopes this will be a long-term proposition.

“Our goal is to improve the access to the community, and the people that live here. We are in this for the long-term; we are going to be in Elberton forever if we can. That is our mindset heading into this, we want to make the community apart of the program”, said Chidester.

According to Chidester, the affiliation agreement is in the process of being finalized between the two entities, but expects more action to take place at the start of the new year.

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