AnMed Still Focussed on Elbert Memorial Affiliation

September 26, 2012

More information out of last night’s Elbert Memorial Hospital Authority meeting in regards to the affiliation process between Elbert Memorial and AnMed Health.

A letter of intent for the two entities to affiliate was signed during July’s authority meeting. Garrick Chidester, who is with AnMed Health, was in attendance to reassure the board that he is still focused on the current affiliation process.

“From my perspective, a lot of my time is still spent working on the proposal with Elbert Memorial Hospital”, said Chidester. “You see a lot of press about the project going on in Hartwell, but I can assure there is a lot more activity going on our side with this relationship.”

Garrick said that the reason he spoke during the meeting, was to clear the air about what AnMed’s intentions are with the new Oakview Crossing development that is coming to Hartwell.

“Our only commitment is to purchase the six acres of land and build a facility that would consolidate some primary care services, offer some diagnostic services, and if we are able to; to provide for some of their after hour care in Hartwell”, explained Chidester. “That is pretty much the extent of our project and our commitment that we are talking to the people of Hartwell about.

Currently AnMed Health is looking to invest roughly five million dollars at Oakview Crossing. As to the status of the affiliation process, Elbert Memorial Hospital CEO Jim Yarborough said that the current draft of the final agreement is fifty-two pages long.

According to Yarborough, it should be only a couple of more days before the final draft of the affiliation agreement is completed and in the hands of AnMed Health for them to look over.

Once both sides agree to terms, the agreement will have to be looked over and approved by Georgia’s Attorney General Sam Olens.