Announcements for the Community Calendar

January 10, 2013

The purpose of the WSGC Community Calendar is to provide a free public service for community announcements in our listening area. Because this is a free public service, WSGC Radio reserves to right to not air all announcements submitted.

All Community Announcements on the WSGC Community Calendar must be less than 20 seconds in length. WSGC Radio will edit any announcements thatexceed 20 seconds in length. Announcements will be read up to 5 business days prior to the event.


Community announcements that require an admission will not be aired for free.


WSGC Radio offers a Non-Profit ad rate which is $6 per 15 seconds and WSGCRadio will match the purchased time with the same amount of ads. 30-second ads cost $12 and WSGC Radio will match any ads purchased. Buy one and get one at no charge.

Community Announcements can be submitted to WSGC Radio via email at [email protected] , FAX 706-283-8710 or brought by the studio at 562 Jones St.