Another Citizens Firearm Safety Course in the Book

November 1, 2012

Another year and another Citizens Firearm Safety Course completed for the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office.

The course is made up of two different parts; first citizens will participate in a two day classroom seminar on firearm related material. Then following the classroom portion of the course, citizens get the opportunity to test their new knowledge on the firing range.

Elbert County Sheriff Barry Haston said this program has been around for a long time.

“This is probably our eight or ninth year; we started the program several years ago”, said Sheriff Haston. “We have sent several hundred people through the course, and every body has really enjoyed it.

Sheriff Haston said that the most recent class did a very good job with the course.

“They don’t have to qualify or anything, we just make sure we get them to have a pattern on the target so they aren’t throwing bullets everywhere. So far everyone has been doing really well with it”, said Haston.

This past class had a total of twenty three participants, and the course concluded late last week.