Another Successful Bowman Fall Festival

September 24, 2012

A great crowd was on hand for Bowman’s Fall Festival.

Another Bowman City Fall Festival is in the books after this past Saturday. Special Events Coordinator and Bowman City Councilman Pete Gibbons.

“It was a great day here in Bowman. We had perfect weather and a record amount of vendor spaces sold”, said Gibbons. “We had almost 140 spaces sold, and judging by the lack of parking around down, and our rough estimates of those coming in; it was a record crowd as well.”

According to Gibbons, nearly five thousand people were in and out of Bowman over the weekend. During the street dance Saturday evening, the crowd was part of a special moment.

“We had some great entertainers and some great music going on”, said Gibbons. “We even had a marriage proposal on stage during the street dance with The Common People Band up there, so that was a sight to be seen. People were in a great mood, and professing their love for one another.”

Next up for the Bowman Special Events committee is preparation for the City of Bowman’s upcoming Christmas Parade and Bazaar.