Another Vicious Dog Attack in Franklin County

July 10, 2014

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia


It happened last Tuesday at a home on Campbell Ridge Road.

According to Franklin County Marshall Chris Ayers, 61-year old Ray Graham was in his yard when the dog came up on him.

“He went out to check his mail and the dog came on his property and attacked him,” Ayers said. “The dog grabbed him and tore his leg up. If the dog had gotten him on the ground I don’t know what he would have done.”

The dog is owned by one of the victim’s neighbors and Ayers said that owner has been notified.

Ayers said the dog was placed into a ten-day quarantine for rabies, but the owner did have proof of the animal was up to date on its rabies and other vaccines.

Ayers said he has classified the dog as vicious because of the severity of the attack.

“The owner has seven days to respond and request a hearing with the probate judge who now hears these cases,” Ayers said.

Ayers said the dog’s owner could be required to carry special insurance coverage and must keep the animal contained.

However, Ayers noted he could request the dog be euthanized.

The victim is identified as 61-year old Ray Graham.

Graham reportedly spent the week in the hospital and is now home recovering from his injuries.

Ayers has only recently become the county’s animal control officer in charge of these types of incidents.

Ayers said since he has taken over these new duties, there have been five reported vicious dog attacks in Franklin County.