Application Deadline for 2012 Deer Quota Hunt Fast Approaching

August 30, 2012

The window of opportunity is closing for people interested in a 2012 deer quota hunt.

Melissa Cummings, with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division, explains what a quota hunt means.

“Deadline for deer quota hunt means that people can put in an application to be drawn for a hunt that will be on particular wildlife management areas in the state.” said Cummings.

If hunters want a chance to be selected, they will need to complete their online quota application before midnight tomorrow.

Cummings said that quota hunts are held on land that is maintained by a trained staff to bring in the most wildlife possible.

We have personnel who manage these particular areas. They know what needs to be done at what time of the year to attract the most wildlife for that particular game.” explained Cummings, “All throughout the year, that is their job, to attract the wildlife that the hunters are interested in.

For hunters wanting to participate, or want more information about quota hunts, you can visit

Hunters that submit their applications for quota hunts will be selected at random by the Wildlife Resources Division.