Attorney John Clark Asks City to Investigate More Affordable Housing

February 5, 2014

Affordable housing is an issue that has been consistently brought to attention at now, back to back Elberton City Council meetings.

Attorney John Clark spoke to the council Monday evening about the City of Elberton working with the Elberton Housing Authority to try and provide more affordable housing.

He said providing more easily affordable housing would help the county’s tax base.

“Because as we know on this side of the tracks, when you tear these houses down, you have public housing, which does not afford us the tax base we need”, said Clark. “We have those vacant lots, and I am hoping we come up with a plan with the housing authority to make it attractive for people to move back into the inner city.”

According to Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn, there are 90 homes for sale in Elbert County (37 inside of the Elberton City limits alone), and that is just including listings from real estate agents, and not those home owners who are trying to sell their homes themselves.

With that information, Elberton Mayor Larry Guest, said the problem doesn’t seem to be the availability of homes.

“There are a number of houses that I know are available right now for people, and housing is not the problem that I see, its people being able to afford them right now”, said Guest. “I don’t know what you consider affordable housing, but they are anywhere from $40,000 to $200,000.”

Mayor Guest said the city will continue to looking into the issue of affordable housing, and Mr. Clark added that he would be willing to work with the city council in anyway possible to help on the issue.