Better Business Bureau Gives Heads Up on Common Cell Phone Scam

August 18, 2014

8-18-2014 Cell ScamThe Better Business Bureau is warning of a cell phone scam that could add money to your cell bill every month.

Mike Boynton with the Bureau says the scam starts off with a text message you probably have gotten at least once in the past.

“So you get this text message out of the blue saying congratulations you have won a gift card from a major retailer, and it may sound to good to be true and typically it is”, said Boynton.

He says if you follow through trying to claim the prize that you’ll be caught up in a cell phone subscription scam that adds ten dollars a month to your bill.

“They don’t get a gift card, they have actually signed up for a premium text messaging service by following this link”, he said. “After that $9.99 will automatically be added to their phone bill every month.

How can you guard against a scam like this? Boynton says to pay close attention to your bill for anything unusual.

“Take a look and see what charges are there, if it appears as a subscription, miscellaneous charge, or a third party charge and you don’t recognize it, then that is a red flag”, added Boynton.

Some of these scams have gotten so bad that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been stepping in to put some of them out of business.