Better Business Bureau Has Advice for Those Seeking Seasonal Jobs

November 21, 2012

If you are looking for a seasonal job, now is the time to be hitting the pavement.

Fred Elsberry with the Better Business Bureau says there are a number of things of keep in mind.

“Get out there and apply early. Be sure to research these companies, and be sure that they are legitimate companies, and they are companies that you want to work for”, said Elsberry. “Many of them will be ones that we are familiar with, so you should be okay on that front.”

He says be suspicious of jobs that look too good to be true. Many of those may be internet scams.

He also says to be flexible in your schedule since the full time workers usually get the shifts with the normal hours. And on top of that he says to do a good job because the employer may remember you when a full time opening becomes available.