Better Business Bureau Reminds Online Users this Holiday Season to be Careful

December 17, 2013

Online users this time of year should use extra caution, those words from the Better Business Bureau.

Dottie Coleo, manager of communications for the Greater Atlanta, Athens and NE Georgia BBB, warns online shoppers and general online users alike, that thieves, pranksters and even sexual predators come out in droves this time of the year.

She even says to be mindful of e-cards that you receive via email.

“A lot of people like to send out e-cards, you click on them, and for most people it should be a good experience, but for a lot of people sometimes a virus will be downloaded once the card is opened”, explained Coleo.

That is not the only problem that those online may encounter, as Coleo mentions that there are a number of scams involving shipping services.

“Urgent emails from a shipper like UPS or FedEx saying you have a package waiting, and you have to send money or give personal financial information to get the package”, said Coleo. “It is absolutely fake, it’s a scam, none of the major shippers work that way.”

As if that wasn’t enough to keep mindful of, this time of year is notorious for con artists looking to play off those in the giving spirit; so Coleo advises to give wisely this holiday season.

“Give with great information, and not only with your heart. Because when you are giving money out, and thinking you are maybe helping someone at Christmas, you may only just be putting money in the pocket of a con artist”, says Coleo.

Another key piece of advice the Better Business Bureau offers instead of just using extra caution, is to constantly update and change your account passwords for any online accounts.

They say that will go a long way in preventing hackers from obtaining any personal information over the web.