Bidding Process Underway for Elbert Arts Centre Renovation

October 9, 2012

The Elberton City Council has begun the bidding process on a renovation project for the Elberton Arts Centre.

The plans call for the building to be gutted as it is now, and the building will be renovated to include a small multi-purpose room, kitchen for catering, and it will have a full meeting space.

Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn said the renovation plans will be in line with the Elbert Theatre’s mission.

“Any program that might have a smaller audience around fifty to a hundred people; instead of having that event in the Elbert Theatre, which is so large, you can have it in the Arts Centre. It would still be just as enjoyable in a smaller venue”, said Dunn.

Once the council receives and approves the lowest bid, Dunn said, work will start as quickly as possible.

“Work should begin in the month of November. We will handle some of the demolition ourselves, which we will do that first in November, but reconstruction should begin soon afterwards”, Dunn explained. “The project itself will take several months, but it should be ready by the spring of 2013.”

Bids were released on October 1st and will close on October 31st. Information on the bids can be found at