Blue Devil, Cedar Shoals Recap

September 9, 2012

The Blue Devils lost to the Cedar Shoals Jaguars Friday, September 7 in the Granite bowl 35-28. The game would prove to be entertaining but the Devils could not pull it out in the end. The game started off with the opening kickoff returned for a touchdown by Marquice Dye for the Devils and would tack on the extra point to make it 7-0. Elbert would kick off to Cedar who would then return the kickoff to the Cedar Shoals 42 yard line. Elbert would force a stop on the Elbert 28 yard line where the Jaguars would turn the ball over on downs. The Blue Devils would continue their woes on offense and punter Ty Martin would pin the Jaguars deep in their own territory on the 2 yard line. Elbert would hold Cedar to a fourth down but due to 12 men being out on the punt team would give Cedar a first down. The Devils would force the Jaguars to 4th again but allow a conversion for a 1st to end the 1st QT.
In the 2nd QT Elbert’s Defense would force a punt but a fumble from freshman quarterback Mecole Hardman would give the ball back to the Jaguars on the Elbert 36. However the Blue Devil defense would continue to be stout and force a punt to Elberts 11 yard line. After back and forth punts Cedar would score off a pass from 6 yards out and tie the game at 7-7 to end the half.
Both teams came out in the second half with a fired up offense. Elbert would get their first offensive score of the season, ending a 10 QT drought. Tyshon Dye had an explosive 53 yard run for a touchdown. This would give Elbert the lead 14-7. However, Cedar Shoals would answer with a reverse pass and go on to miss the point after making the score 14-13. The holes really started to open up for the Elbert running game; Tyshon Dye and K’taro Cade were running hard into the Jaguars secondary. K’taro Cade capped off an 8 play drive with a 33 yard touchdown run making the score 21-13. Cedar Shoals would answer with a long 75 yard run of their own to tie the game up with a good 2 point conversion and making the score 21 all.  After the second returned kickoff, this time by Tyshon Dye, Elbert would take the lead 28-21.
Cedar would tie up the game again at 28 in the 4th QT with a 22 yard run. Elbert would put a drive together but a devastating penalty would bring back a touchdown and the Devils would be forced to punt. Elbert’s worn down Defense would allow Cedar to drive and drain up the clock which would lead to a score for the Jaguars. Elbert with little time left would turn the ball over on downs and Cedar Shoals would kneel for a victory 35-28 in the Granite Bowl. Your Devils go to 0-2 on the season.