Blue Devil Football Coach Sid Fritts Chosen to Coach in All-Star Game

December 19, 2012

Elbert County Blue Devil Football Coach Sid Fritts has been chosen to lead the North team in the annual Georgia Athletic Coaches Association All Star Football game.

The game is the longest running high school football all star game in the nation and Coach Fritts says that there will be plenty of talent to showcase in the game.

“We got a lot of great players playing in the game. Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, N.C. State, Georgia Tech, and Florida State are all represented in this game”, said Fritts. “We have a lot of good players going to some good universities playing in this game.”

He says that despite competing all star games such as the Under Armor and Army games, they have gone after the best players possible.

“We went after the very best players that we could find, we were turned down by a couple playing in the Under Armor and Army games, but we have been able to secure some really good players”, said Fritts.

Each team will field forty players, and the rosters are still in the process of being finalized for the game. Once the team is picked, they will only have a total of five practices as a unit.

Fritts says that they are going to use the wrist band system to streamline the offensive unit.

“With the wrist band system we feel we can get everyone on the same page quicker. I believe we have up to fifty different plays that we can go into at any point”, said Fritts.

Several members of the coaching staff have local ties to our area and they include Shannon Jarvis who is an Elbert County native, former Blue Devil coach Shane Davis who now coaches at Appalachee, Elbert County coach Brant Smith, and Washington-Wilkes Head Coach Robbie Robinson.

The game will be played at 2:00pm on December 30th in Columbus, Georgia at Memorial Stadium.