Blue Devils Fall to Panters

November 2, 2012

Elbert County Fail to Jackson County on Friday, November 2 33-28. It was a tough game for the Devils as they were coming into the game struggling with injuries. However, the Blue Devils fought the entire game as it came down to the wire.

Elbert kicked off to Jackson County to start the game. The Panthers would drive down the field and score quickly going up 7-0. On Elbert’s first attempt at offense they would go three plays and out. A bad punt would give the Panthers good field position and take advantage by scoring with under 5 minutes left taking the score to 14-0. Elbert would receive the following kick off and put a drive together to score from 1 yard out in the beginning of the 2nd quarter. A good extra point would take the score to 14-7.

The Devil Defense would force the Panthers to turn the ball over on downs. Elbert would take over on their on 33 yard line with just over 7 minutes left in the half. The Devils would drive down the field thanks to some hard running from freshman Trey Barnett who would find his way to the endzone to tie the game at 14. Jackson County would come out passing the ball and get to the Elbert 13 yard line. The Panthers would convert a 4th down and score from 8 yards; taking the score to 21-14. With 2 minutes left in the half Elbert would drive down the field and with 12 seconds left a pass from quarterback Mecole Hardman to Rantious “Boochie” Reed would help tie the game back up at 21.

Elbert would receive the kick off to start the second half but would be forced to punt. The Panthers would again drive for a score; Elbert would block the extra point to take the score to 27-21. The Blue Devils would get the ball back with under 5 minutes left in the 3rd and put a drive together. With 26 seconds left the Devils would score and a good point after would give them their first lead of the game going into the 4th quarter 28-27.

After the kickoff, Elbert would again force the Panthers to turn the ball over on downs. However, a costly interception would turn the ball back over with 8:30 minutes left in the game. Jackson County would break a huge 49 yard play for a score. The Panthers would attempt a 2 point conversion but would fail and the score would be 33-28 with 5:22 left for the Devils. With the clock running and Elbert driving, a costly fumble would turn the ball over to the Panthers on the Elbert 45 yard line. With 1:48 left the Panthers would continue to pass and throw an interception that would be returned to midfield. The offense would not be able to find the endzone as Hardman was sacked with 21 seconds left. Injured, the freshman quarterback would not be able to get up to spike the ball and Elbert would watch the clock run out.

Your final score Jackson 33 Elbert 28.