Blue Print Receives “Coaching” from WSGC Sales Staff

October 17, 2012

The Blue Print is the High School Newspaper but more than that it’s a way for parents, teachers and students to get an idea of what each is going through and the events that are going on or that have happened.

This year The Blue Print is under a new advisor, Mrs. Staycie Rice. She is a Literature teacher for Elbert County High School.

As a new advisor, she faced some challenges including learning how to publish a newspaper, as well as having to learn new ways to do things. Mrs. Rice explains some of the changes and how Mr. Carl Pundt and Mrs. Jennifer Long helped her students sell ads.

“They helped the intern class learn about selling advertisement and creating quality ads”, explained Rice. “Carl and Jennifer took time from their schedules to work with students on this process, and in turn, our ad sales are up and we have businesses in line to get into our next issue.”

Rice also mentioned that The Blue Print Editor D.J. McLary has been a great help and has actually had to teach Rice most of the steps to learning how to publish a newspaper along side former advisor Denise Brown.

Editor D.J. McLary adds a big thanks to the community for supporting the newspaper.

“I want to give a big thank you to our supporters in the community. Your purchasing in ads has really made a difference, because without you we would really not be able to publish, and your support means the world to us”, said McLary

The Blue Print will be available to the public for the first time. They will be sold at La Fogata, McIntosh Coffee Shop, Tena’s Jewlery and here at WSGC. Papers will be available until Friday October 19th at a charge of fifty cents per copy.

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