Bonuses Coming to County Employees

November 14, 2012

A bonus is in the works for all those who are employed by the Elbert County Government.

County Commission Chairman Tommy Lyon explains how the county is able to provide the bonuses.

“Basically what has taken place, when we did the airport expansion; we did a lot of in-kind service. Through our own department we earned $300,000 from the contract of 1.3 million for the airport”, said Lyon.

Full time employees are slated to receive a five hundred dollar bonus, while part-time employees will receive a one hundred dollar gift card.

Lyon said this was the least the county could do, as the employees have been on the short end of the stick when it came to cutting costs.

“We have not given these folks a raise in four to five years. We have looked again at doing a raise, but we still can’t afford to do that at this time”, said Lyon. “I think this was the closest thing we could do, as they have really taken the brunt of the cuts that we have had to make.”

The commissioners approved the issuing of these bonuses with a unanimous five to zero vote during Monday’s regular meeting.