Bowersville Not Giving Up on LOST Funding

August 15, 2012

The Bowersville City Council and their attorney plan to attend a called meeting later this week with the Hart County Board of Commissioners to continue their campaign to be included in the county’s local option sales tax revenue split.

However, Hart County Commissioners earlier decided not include Bowersville in that split after county administrator Jon Caime said the town does not offer to its citizens at least three of the six city services required under Georgia law.

But Bowersville city attorney John Dickerson says the town provides more than three services.

“Bowersville does qualify because they provide water, they have a contract with the Hart County Sheriff’s Department for police service, they have a Hart County fire station there and in exchange for fire protection service, Bowersville provides the water used by the tanker truck,” Bowersville City attorney John Dickerson countered.

Additionally, Dickerson said the town intends to add a library to its list of services for citizens.

“Bowersville has just recently completed a library, which is scheduled to open in the coming days,” he said. “So that’s at least four of the six required services and Bowersville provides those.”

If the county changes its mind, Bowersville would get about 1.9% of the total local penny sales tax revenue.

That amount fluctuates from year to year based on the amount of consumer sales. In making the recommendation on how to divide the LOST revenue, Caime said he went by population of the county based on the 2010 Census.

Under the current plan, Hart County is proposing to allocate 21% of their LOST revenue to the City of Hartwell, 3% to the City of Royston and .25% to the City of Canon.

The County will receive 81.68%

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia