Bowman Big Iron Crank-Up Extremely Successful Despite Troubles Early

April 25, 2013

Another successful Big Iron Crank-Up is in the books for the city of Bowman’s special events committee.

Bowman Special Events Coordinator Pete Gibbons said the event went as well as it could have.

“I want to thank everyone that helped out. Our city workers did a very good job making the city look good, and all our volunteers did a great job putting everything together”, expressed Gibbons. “I think everything went about as well as it could have on Saturday.”

Overall the event received lots of positive feedback, but Gibbons did say that an unexpected turn of events took place that Saturday morning as they were preparing for the Crank-Up.

“The only negative thing that we had encountered is that we discovered someone had cut out all of the wiring on some of the power poles down at the park as we were getting ready on Saturday”, said Gibbons.

Everything eventually turned out okay, as some vendors had to move things around to gain access to power.

The festival had a great turnout, as several thousand people made their way to the Bowman City Park, as well as the Bowman City Square over the course of the festival.