Bowman City Council Continues Discussion about Special Events Fiancial Spending

December 10, 2013

A called meeting turned into a work session yesterday afternoon for the Bowman City Council, as not enough council members were in attendance to have a quorum.

The primary item discussed yesterday was again on the topic of the Bowman Special Events committee.

During the council’s regular meeting in November, Mayor Pamela Johnson requested from Special Events Coordinator Pete Gibbons, the bank statements and cash receipts of revenue and expenditures for the special events group relating to the city’s fall festival.

At the called meeting, Councilman Pete Gibbons was not in attendance, and as a result, none of the requested financial information was presented.

Speaking to the council, Bowman City Attorney Andrea Grant gave her recommended course of action for the council.

“To request that those reports made as to cash and bank accounts used at the events”, said Grant. “Hopefully everything is fine and there is not a problem, but because the reports have not been made when requested that creates an issue and doesn’t bode well on the council or mayor.”

Councilman Ben Rice said he felt the way the special events committee had been handled was ideal, and preferred the city not handle special events funds.

“Because the previous council was accused of misusing those funds, which was not true, and now he has turned around and given the money back to the city”, said Rice. “Now, whose money is it now?”

Mayor Pamela Johnson said she is focusing on this issue because she wants everything in good order when she leaves office in January.

“I really want to have everything in order and hand it to him where he doesn’t have to go back and clean it up”, said Johnson. “This is something that should be very easy to do, and should not take much effort.”

The next step in addressing the issue, as per the recommendation of City Attorney Grant, is that written communication occur requesting the appropriate financial documents relating to the Bowman Special Events group.

Further discussion is expected to take place at the council’s work session on December 16th.