Bowman City Council Goes Over Outline of FY 2014 Budget

March 26, 2013

The Bowman City Council is getting a jump on preparing its FY 2014 budget.

During last night’s council meeting, members of the Bowman City Council were presented an outline of the upcoming fiscal year budget.

Before the budget can be finalized the city is waiting on general insurance bids from two different sources, once those bids come in, the council will look to adopt the budget.

One item that stuck out on the outline was the nearly seventy thousand dollars that the city plans to have leftover for its contingency fund when all is said and done.

Bowman City Mayor Pamela Johnson said that lots of hard work has been put in to reduce expenses.

“We have made a lot of cuts”, said Mayor Johnson. “We have cut the costs of attorney, auditors, and our cell phones. We have cut a lot of costs, and so now we are finally seeing the fruits of our labor.”

Mayor Johnson said that she hopes to have the budget voted on by the council during their regular meeting in April.


Speaking of cost cutting measures, the council also approved a change in their auditors.

The city received two bids back after requesting them, and they came back in the amounts of $10,500 and $8,825.

The council put a motion forward to go with Hawkins and McNair at the $8,825 amount.

The motion to make the changes passed with a unanimous vote.