Bowman City Council Moving Forward with Personnel Decisions

July 23, 2013

A climatic end to yesterday evening’s regular meeting of the Bowman City Council.

Brought up at the end of the meeting was the issue of the vetoes made by Bowman Mayor Pamela Johnson nearly a month ago.

Councilman Pete Gibbons said that no where in the city’s charter did it grant the mayor veto powers.

“There was no where that clearly states in the 2004 charter, and the 2.31 which was originally shown that gave the mayor veto powers, was not in the 2004 charter or the 2002 charter”, explained Gibbons.

Mayor Johnson said that if the council could provide the appropriate documents that showed she did not have veto powers, that she would rescind the vetoes.

Councilwoman Betty Jo Maxwell stated that she felt the council had the proper documentation.

“Tom McCall has told me, and we have proof of it and I don’t know what else it’s going to take”, said Betty Jo Maxwell. “We have the charter and that is the document.”

Mayor Johnson adjourned the meeting, but since council never voted on adjournment, the meeting continued after the mayor departed.

In that time frame a motion was made by Councilman Gibbons to move forward with the two pay bumps for two current city employees, and for the hiring of an additional employee for the city.

The motion carried 2-0, with Councilwoman Gwynn Bryant abstaining from the vote.