Bowman Council Approves Employee Pay Bump

October 29, 2013

After a relatively heated debate, City of Bowman employee Jason Rucker will receive a pay bump.

Closing out yesterday evening’s Bowman City Council meeting was the item regarding a raise for Mr. Rucker, who has been employed by the City of Bowman for roughly three years in total.

Rucker previously made $8.50/hour, and Mayor Pamela Johnson said that he had earned a raise.

“He has really been of a lot of assistance to other city employees”, said Johnson. “He comes to work and we have never had any issues with Jason.”

The recommended pay increase for Mr. Rucker was to an even $10.00/hour.

A motion was made to approve that increase, and it passed with a unanimous vote.

Councilwoman Betty Jo Maxwell brought up the issue about pay increases for other employees, which Mayor Johnson said could be done, as long as the effective hourly rate was included in discussions.

“Which means what does it cost for us to have them employed with us, what does it cost for each employee”, said Johnson. “What are all of our costs, that way you can truly compare it.”

A suggestion by Councilwoman Gwyn Bryant was for the council to hammer out a guideline on pay increases during a work session.

“And lets get a pay scale set up, and then once a year decide if they get a cost of living increase, we should do it like other companies do, we can do that”, said Bryant.

That work session is expected to take place on the third Monday in the month of November.