Bowman Council Continues to Make Headway on Abandoned/Dilapidate Properties

May 29, 2014

Updates on the plans to make the city of Bowman safer by fixing up abandoned properties were discussed at the Bowman City Council meeting on Tuesday evening.

Bowman City Mayor Pete Gibbons explained the goals for the project are making the process as easy as possible for the property owners, as well as making the city safer for the kids.

“As we had said, we are happy to work with anybody, we are not trying to do this as a hindrance or hurt anyone in our community, but we are trying to clean up any safety hazards out there that our children may get into”, said Gibbons. “We are working with anyone who comes to us to try and come to amicable solutions.”

The council has already heard numerous responses but they have still yet to hear back from three citizens.

Those people will have until the end of the month to respond and after that Gibbons says the issue could go to Magistrate Court.

“If we can not come to an agreement, or someone ignores our request, the next step would be to take it to Magistrate Court, which will we file suit and get a judgment to clean up the property”, said Gibbons. “Any cost incurred by the city would be covered through a lien on the property being cleaned up.”

The council hopes to get these properties cleaned up before they become more of a hazard to the community and will address the project further in June.