Bowman Council Discuss Ways to Cut Down on Four Way Stop Money Collections

July 23, 2013

The City of Bowman is exploring ways to cut down on the amount of Four Way Stop money collection fundraising events.

Councilman Pete Gibbons said during last night’s regular meeting, that he had been presented a petition from citizens and local business owners with the intent of reducing the frequency of fundraisers that set up at the four way stop in Bowman to collect change from passing motorists.

Gibbons says the number of those types of fundraisers is possibly driving shoppers away from Bowman.

“I had people tell me that they avoid downtown Bowman for the simple fact that there is a chaos of people there begging for money”, said Gibbons. “Anything that is in our downtown that is deterring people from spending money at our local shops is not a good thing. It’s costing our business revenue, which is in turn costing the city money to operate.”

Some ideas thrown around yesterday evening by the Mayor and Council included limiting those collection days to once a month, and make it a first come first serve sign up method.

Gibbons suggested encouraging groups to hold other types of fundraisers such as bake sales, and other ideas like that.

Audience member Jack Schatz said the city should be able to do something since the problem is inside their city limits.

“With the state property being out there with the highway and the railroad property, its still within the city limits, and we have rights within our city limits”, said Schatz.

The council decided to hold off on making an official decision on the issue, and will work with a number of citizens and business owner’s to help figure out the best approach to the topic.

The issue is expected to be addressed at the council’s next regular meeting in August.