Bowman Council Hears Suggestions on How to Handle Animal Control

October 30, 2013

A new approach may be on the way for how the City of Bowman handles animal control.

Currently the city does not have an assigned animal control officer, but does utilize Elbert County’s animal control office to handle any animal incidents.

According to Bowman Mayor Pamela Johnson, the city is looking at having an animal control element to make sure that everyone who owns a pet has their animal up to date on their Rabies vaccinations, which is state law.

She says it is primarily about making sure Bowman residents are safe.

“Its mainly just to be sure that our city is safe, and there has been a lot of rabid skunks in the area, and this is really just about the safety of our citizens”, said Johnson.

When having to deal with problematic animal owners, the suggested approach was that a verbal warning be issued, followed by a written warning, then if the situation calls for it, a ticket or fine would be issued.

After a meeting with Elbert County Animal Control, Mayor Johnson said it was recommended that any attempt for Bowman to be involved with enforcement be handled by a team of at least two employees.

More discussion is expected to take place on this issue moving forward, and the topic of animal control will come before the Bowman City Council during their November regular meeting.