Bowman Council Holds Off on Rental Agreement

September 17, 2013

Holding off until Monday; that is the decision from the Bowman City Council regarding a potential rental of one of the city’s property.

According to Bowman Mayor Pamela Johnson, a business owner from the Royston area, David McGarity, has expressed interest in opening up a shop in the Bowman area.

She says he approached her with a proposal about fixing up a property that was shown, with the stipulation being he received discounted rent for a certain amount of time.

Council suggested that the improvements being made be included in the rental contract, and that the discounted rent be received for 18 months, with full rent being charged for the remaining 18 months on a three year contract.

The council held off on putting forth an actual motion so that the offer could be presented to Mr. McGarity.

Action is expected to be taken Monday on what direction the council wants to move in.