Bowman Council Looking in New Direction Come April for Waste Removal Services

August 26, 2014

The City of Bowman is going to wait out a contract agreement that is in place with WastePro instead of trying to opt out early.

Discussed several months back was the city’s interest in rebidding out waste removal services to try and find a better price and services.

The current contract expires in April 2015 with a six month notice of the city’s intent to opt out.

Bowman City Mayor Pete Gibbons says the city wants to avoid a potential legal battle this close to the contract expiring.

“At this point it seems that we just need to finish out the contract and rebid, at least that would be my thought, is to avoid any legal issue they may claim”, said Gibbons. “I know they have been here and claimed they have every legal right in the past.”

With the intent of reopening those services to bid, Bowman City Clerk Debbie Walker says she has a number of complaints on file regarding WastePro for the council to keep in mind when accepting new bids.

“There are many complaints every week of broken lids, and I don’t know if any of you use WastePro, but there are like three and four times we have to call them and tell them to give a new customer a garbage can, and everything is documented, so if you want to go over any of that while considering other companies, I think it would be a great idea”, said Walker.

Mayor Gibbons, closing out the discussion on the issue, said he wants the council to keep an open mind when heading into the bidding process come next spring.