Bowman Council Moving Forward with Hiring New Utility Worker

August 27, 2013

A decision has finally been made on how to deal with the issue of a vacant utility employee for the City of Bowman.

Initially the council had hired Tyler Wade to fill the position, but that decision was one of the three vetoed by Bowman Mayor Pamela Johnson back in June.

With the issue being brought up again last night, Mayor Johnson said she would do whatever the council suggested be done.

“In looking at the applications, it does appear that there was someone who had better qualifications that was not interviewed”, said Mayor Johnson. “We can go back through the interview process, or the council can move forward with hiring Wade, at this point and time I am at the pleasure of the council of whatever they want to do.”

Bowman City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Pete Gibbons feels the staff is short handed enough as is, and needs help as soon as they can get it.

“I think our guys are shorthanded right now and need some help, we’re short at least one and a couple are not at a 100% at the moment”, explained Gibbons. “We moved forward with hiring Mr. Wade back then, so I would like to make a motion that we hire Mr. Wade to fill that position.”

A motion was made to hire Wade at a starting rate of $8.50/hour, which the council passed with a vote 4-0, with Councilwoman Gwyn Bryant abstaining from the vote.