Bowman Financials in Solid Shape

June 18, 2013

Good news on the financial side of things for the city of Bowman after last night’s regular meeting of the Bowman City Council.

Between the General, Gas, and Water and Sewer Funds, the city is maintaining a healthy balance in the realm of seventy to ninety thousand dollars.

Bowman City Mayor Pamela Johnson says things have really turned around for the city of Bowman financially.

“We’re actually paying bills now, when I first came into office I had to call creditors to ask if we could wait about paying, and now we are able to pay bills and maintain money in the bank, so the city is definitely moving forward”, said Mayor Johnson.

The only fund which is not in the black was the water and sewer fund, but according to Mayor Johnson, that is due in part to a twenty-one thousand dollar payment that is made at the beginning of each year, which impacts the bottom line in that fund.

She says that as the year progresses, the city should hopefully improve its financial standing even more.

Johnson says, “I am pleased with where we are going with our financials if we continue this direction we are heading in, we should be in very positive position.”

Johnson also mentioned in the financial report that there was roughly a balance of fifty-six thousand dollars in the General Fund as of yesterday evening.