Bowman’s Halloween Bash Exceeds Expectations

October 30, 2012

Children enjoying the trick or treating on Bowman’s downtown square.

The City of Bowman’s first ever Halloween Bash on the city’s downtown square was held this past Saturday.

According to Bowman City Councilman and Special Events Coordinator Pete Gibbons, the inaugural event could not have gone any better.

“Its tough to compete with the Georgia/Florida game, but I think we had a better than expected crowd come out”, said Gibbons. “I think we had at least two hundred people show up throughout the day, and we have over one hundred kids enter into the Halloween Costume contest as well. It really made for a great festive even this year.”

Gibbons said that with the encouraging turnout at the event that the special events committee will look to improve next year’s bash.

“We will look to try and expand it a little bit to see if we can bring in other local businesses to set up shop and hand out candy. We will just stick with what worked and try to add to it little by little each and keep going from there”, said Gibbons.

Age group winners of the Halloween Costume contest were, Saylor 2 moths old as “little chicken and barn”, Cameron age 5, who was dressed as a mummy, Paden, who came as a zombie, and Mary Rose, who portrayed a Flapper.