Calhoun Falls Actively Seeking New Revenue Streams

November 2, 2012

Discussion and consideration of new revenue streams for the town of Calhoun Falls has begun now that the city has its economic development trio in place.

The team has recently started pursuing a feasibility study to determine the return on investment that might be realized by getting into the lodging business.

Calhoun Falls Mayor Lee Garrett feels that the lodging business could really thrive in the area.

“The hopes are to create a new revenue stream for the town. We are in three traditional businesses; water, sewer, and trash”, explained Garrett. “They are not lucrative enough to save the town. So we are looking into an opportunity in the lodging business, which we feel would be a home run for us.”

Garrett feels that for this project to be successful, that the city needs to utilize both accommodations and recreational activities in the area.

Serious talk began on new revenue streams shortly after the Mohawk Textile Plant in Abbeville County shut down in late September.