Called Meeting Wednesday Moring, Results in Passing of Bowman’s 2014 Budget

February 27, 2014

An approval of the City of Bowman’s 2014 budget was finally made yesterday morning.

A big part of the delay to get the budget approved was attributed to continued complications with getting the correct numbers together, as the previous draft was using 2012’s financial data instead of 2013’s.

The Bowman Council had only received the re-worked budget during the city’s regular meeting earlier this week on Monday.

Bowman City Mayor Pete Gibbons said this budget isn’t projecting to go over budget in the expense category.

“I think this is a very good budget put together, as the previous year’s budget we were over on expenses by $28,668.68”, said Gibbons.

The city’s budget has a projected 2014 income of $343,533.00 with expenses projected at $297,065.00, which mean if 2014 goes as expected, the city of Bowman would close out the year with a net income of roughly $46,000.

Gibbons says hopefully this budget is a good indication of what the city can expect this year.

“I think the new budget with the changes will better reflect what we expect from 2014, so hopefully we will be a lot closer to budget than where we were last year”, said Gibbons.

The Bowman City Council approved the city’s 2014 budget with a unanimous vote during a called meeting yesterday morning.